In 2014 NetEnt team has announced the release of a new slot machine, for all gambling establishments - “Reel Rush” slot machine. The developers once again presented a surprise and said that the slot does not repeat the classical solutions of slot machines. The percentage of winnings within “Reel Rush” betting is announced at 97%, and the maximum winnings can be 480,000 coins. The slot has a pronounced long cycle of funds turnover and a high variance of winnings. The general view of the slot machine creates an intrigue and provokes pressing the help button in order to understand - what needs to be caught and what will happen next. Created by NetEnt, the slot http://slotmine.com/reel-rush/ , although repeats the already used fruity and candy themes, still fundamentally differs from previous developments, not only with a flashy interface, but also with the originality of technical design.

Interesting Features

“Reel Rush” refers to five-reel slots. The main feature of the game was that the cells on the drums are activated gradually. The first rotation on the first and fifth reels activated one position, on the second and fourth - three positions, on the average - all five. With every successful spin, you get a free spin, and the number of active cells increases. If you manage to start the reels five times successfully, then you will get eight free-spins. So, the number of possible winning combinations will reach 3 125.
The symbols of the game are represented by multi-colored candies of various shapes and sizes. By collecting combinations of three or more candies, you will be able to get a prize of 1,000 prizes. Like many modern slots, the “Reel Rush” provides a wild symbol in the form of a star that fulfills its traditional properties in various game modes:

  • within the basic mode;
  • through free spins.

The slot machine allows the user to decide on his own which strategy suits best. Also worth paying attention to a special symbol called "Wild", which is represented on all the drums except the first, so you cannot get a combination from it, but it is able to replace other candies. Bets on lines are carried out depending on how many active lines in the machine are installed. The range of rates for one scroll is in the region of fifty coins and up to five hundred. For particularly gamblers, it is possible to set the maximum bid parameters in one click. Also, for fans that play on several machines simultaneously, there is an automatic mode. It allows you to run up to a thousand scrolls that are produced without the player's participation. It is useful for those who do not want to stop the flow of profits, but do not have the opportunity to sit at the machine.

“Reel Rush” slot is a game with two types of symbols: simple and bonus. Bonus symbols have several purposes. There are symbols that, when dropped out, give some kind of bonus to the player. For example, the issuance of free scrolls or the issuance of profits. But there are also symbols that allow you to replace bad symbols in chains with good ones, in which case the player will make a profit even in a disadvantageous situation.

How to Play & Real Money Versions

The cost of coins is from 0.01 to 20 cents, and the number of coins per line can reach ten. A simple calculation and we see that the maximum amount per rotation can reach S100. However, the technical specifications those are customary for the slot ends, because here the pay lines are presented in a completely unusual form for the player. At the start of each of the rotations in the “Reel Rush” slots, not all positions are activated, and the screen itself resembles the shape of a rhombus.

The maximum winnings are 480,000 coins. Bonus round, in addition to running free spins, the game is also not provided. The range of possible rates is from 50 euro cents to 100 euros per 1 rotation. In case of loss of any winning combination, additional squares are opened for casino players and one additional free spin is made. In the event that you managed to catch the winning combination on the gaming machine again, then you open up additional squares and make one additional free spin and so continue up to 5 times. The statistical percentage of payments in the form of winnings is 97%. The maximum amount of winnings for one rotation is up to 480,000 coins, which at a maximum rate of 100 euros (20 euro cents per coin) is 96,000 euros.

Lines & Reel Strips

Each winning combination activates a single repeated respiration with gradually expanding parameters of the playing field. Having collected six consecutive paid lines, the user will be able to reach the maximum values ​​of the field, and also activate the launch of free spins.

The progress of the transition to the bonus mode of the slot will be displayed in a special indicator bar in the upper left corner. Participants will be given 8 free spins with maximum field parameters, and this: 5 reels, 5 character bands and 3125 possible options for charging prizes. Thus, compared to the usual mode of the “Reel Rush” slots game, the probability of winning large accruals increases several tens of times.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus game Free spins in the slot machine is arranged in such a way that, you get 8 free spins, with the maximum open field. The chances of a big win increase tens of times. In order to get free spins, it is necessary to collect any winning combination 6 times in a row with additional free spins. In other words, if you win six times in a row, then you get 8 free games in the “Reel Rush” slot machine with the maximum open field.

Variations of this slot

Traditionally, there are two versions of this slot.

A demo version that will allow players to get a good workout before playing for real money. A free slot allows you to play in the range of 0.01 credits to 100 for one spin. The playing field of the machine is rather unusual, in the form of a diamond, symbols of different types of caramels are open, sometimes fruits that are also stylized as sweets are found. “Reel Rush” does not have a scatter symbol, but it successfully operates Wild, on all but the first, it successfully turns into missing images for combination. If during the first rotation of the “Reel Rush” a winning combination will be formed, the next spin is paid by the casino. The combinations of the free slot machine are formed only from the first reel, but already on the second slot back on this drum two more cells become active, from above and from the bottom of the original one, thus the playing field expands, as well as the opportunities for the formation of prize combinations. In total, this online slot can offer gamers the following:

  1. wild symbol;
  2. auto start;
  3. max win 1000;
  4. free rotation.

Playing online casino, for real money.

To find “Reel Rush” in an online casino is not a problem. However, the player needs to choose an honest and trusted gambling establishment, where casino players will be provided with licensed software and guaranteed to pay their winnings. If you do not want to waste time training, make a deposit and play with real bets. In many casinos there is a stunning loyalty program, so players can get guaranteed bonuses. The first gifts will be obtained immediately after registration.


Rules and features

Due to the main prize function, some characteristics will change constantly, so the game can take place on a field of 5x5 cells with 45, 135, 405, 675, 1125, 1875 or 3125 fixed pay lines. For one spin in the “Reel Rush”, you can set the total bet amount in the available range from 50 cents to $ 250. To get the first cash payment in the amount of x5 to x1000 bets and activate the main bonus feature, the user needs to collect a continuous line of at least three identical symbols from left to right.
The symbol system of the "Reel Rush" by NetEnt:


  • Sweets are red, green, orange, purple and yellow oval candies. Knock out a good combination and get from five to 50 succulent loans;
  • The next group of symbols is more interesting, both in terms of forms and payments. Here came in just five candies: the blue Plum, the purple Blackberry, the green Watermelon, the yellow Lemon, the orange Pineapple and the ripe red Strawberry. Such candies, gathered on the screen, will make your life truly sweet, replenishing the game account for 10, 50, 150, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 coins!;
  • Golden Star with the inscription Wild became a "wild" symbol, which appears on all the drums except the first one. This element has not changed its capabilities in the video slot “Reel Rush” and replaces the missing symbols in combinations;
  • Well, the next function is noticeably different from the one that almost all video slots of NetEnt have - in the “Reel Rush”, although there is no Scatter symbol, but there are very interesting bonus free spins, during which you can get a win for everyone active lines.


History of “Reel Rush”

Created by NetEnt, the “Reel Rush” slot, on one hand repeats the already used fruity and candy themes, but from the other hand it fundamentally differs from previous developments, not only with a flashy interface, but also with the originality of technical design. The gamblers will be pleased with the fact that such an abundance of sweets will bring huge financial satisfaction. If you are looking for slot machines, tranquil subjects, but with a touch of originality, then the video slot “Reel Rush” will be the best choice. The developers of NetEnt were once again on top, combining, it would seem an ordinary fruity story with technical novelties.


It is an interesting and unusual slot machine. You can play with small stakes (up to 10 euros). The stock of general rates is enough 50. In other words, to play at a rate of 5 euros, you need to have on your account 250 euros. And if you have 100 euros on the account, the recommended rate is no more than 2 euros.
Slightly slots of NetEnt are endowed with a high percentage of return. But it is worth noting that such games are not small. Be sure to twist the coils of the “Reel Rush” gaming machine, in which the RTP is 97%. And this slot is able to give out big winnings. For one spin is available a payment of 480 thousand loans, so do not miss the chance to get a really decent prize. Pay attention to the special mode of free spins, in which the probability of winning is increased by several dozen times.

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